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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I know whether there is any availability

Unfortunately our online booking system is not hooked to the reservation system, therefore availability has to be ascertained by phone or email.

2. What payments do you take?

We accept payments in cash or by bank transfer only.

3. When is the latest date to make a reservation?

In the case of international travel, it is possible to purchase ticket from us 1 day before the departure provided payment can be made to our bank account in time.
As for certain tickets that require advance booking(most domestic tickets), reservation must be in with payment made before its closing date.

4. Can I cancel my booking after it has been made?

Certainly, we only hold the seats temporary while waiting for your decision for purchase. Your reservation will dropped automatically failing to issue the ticket within its time limit. Payment must be made before we could proceed to issue the ticket.

5. Can I cancel my ticket after it has been issued?

Any cancellation after a ticket has been issued would incurr penalty charges. Penalty charges are calculated from the first date of departure and varies according to the ticket type. International flights, domestic flights, package tours, rail tickets and accommodations each have its own cancellation policy. Please be sure to read them before making your booking. You have deemed to have agreed to the terms & conditions when making a booking with us.


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