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      Shinkansen train is often used by people going for business trips or travelling. Please see the introduction of Japan`s Shinkansen.


icon   Japan`s Shinkansen was opened in October 1964, during Tokyo Olympic games. It was Tokaido Line, wchich connected Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. This Shinkansen became the first high speed train in the world.
@The ingeneers, responsible for the project, were working for air plane projects during World War II, so the first Shinkansen train 0 series looked liked the front part of a plane, and it was called bullet train.
High speed railways are those ones, which speed exceeds 200 km/h. That was the speed of the first Shinkansen in 1964. The next generations of Shinkansen were quicker: 100series (1985 yearA200km/h)A 300series (1992yearA 270km/h)A500 series(JR West Japan - 270 km/h, Sanyo Line - 300 km/h)A 700 and N700 series( 275km/h). Due to the lots of curves, the speed limit for Tokaido Line is 275 km/h. There is sea on the one side of Tokaido Line and mountains on the other side of it, when the weather is good and air is clean, Mt. Fuji can be seen from the train in about 50 minutes after departure from Tokyo.
spaceThe line which stretches from Sin Osaka station to Fukuoka`s Hakata station, is called Sanyo Line. It was constructed in 1975 and together with Tokaido Line it forms Tokaido-Sanyo railway system, it is using 3 kinds of trains:
icon Nozomi. It stops only at the biggest stations and gets from Tokyo to Osaka within 2.5 hours. It is one of the trains, which do not accept railway pass and excursion tickets.
icon Hikari. Hikari train makes more stops comparetively to Nozomi train, and it needs 3 hours to get from Tokyo to Osaka. At Sanyo line these trains are also called Hikari Rail star trains.
icon Hankyo. The slowest kind Shinkansen trains. It stops at every station.



iconKyushu Sinkansen
Kyushu Shinkansen connects Hatidai and Kagoshima in the southern part of the island. The line was opened in 2004. It is planned to open the line from Hatidai to Hakata in the north on 12th of March 2011. The train used by Kyushu Sinkansen system are 800 series, and they are called Tsubame.
iconTohoku Shinkansen
The first Shinkansen line in the northern Japan connected Tokyo with Morioka in Iwate and Joetsu in Niigata. The construction of this line was finished in 1982. After that the system was developed and the following lines were opened: Fukusima - Shinjo; Morioka ? Akita; Takasaki ? Nagano; Morioka ? Hatinohe. On the 4th of Dec 2010 a new line from Tokyo to Sin Aomori was opened. Further development of Nagano Shinkansen is also planned.


icon There are following types of trains in Tohoku Shinkasen system icon


icon Shippu (New Tohoku Line)
Tohoku Shinkansen has the highest speed. Shippu trains go from Tokyo to Hatinohe. They stop only at main stations. All the seats are reserved ones. Komachi train operates between Tokyo and Morioka. The high speed train CHR2, used in China, is originally projected by the same suppliyer to Tohoku Shinkansen- Kawasaki Heavy Industrial Co. All technical documentation for this project was translated by iconJCK Co.Ltdicon Translating service for Chinese delegation in Japan was also provided by JCK Co.Ltd.
icon Yamabiko(Tohoku Shinkansen)
It is the second quickest train of Tohoku Shinkansen. It is used for Morioka destination. It nakes more stops than Shippu.
icon Nasu (Tohoku Shinkansen)
It is the slowest train of Tohoku Shinkansen. It makes all stops before Miyanoyama (station before Fukushima).
icon Komachi (Akita Shinkansen)
This is the only type of train of Akita Shinkansen. It operates before Tokyo and Akita. All the seats are reserved ones. At the shoulder between Tokyo and Morioka it is changed to Shippu train.
icon Tsubasa(Yamagata Shinkansen)
This is the only type of train of Yamagata Shinkansen, it operates between Yamagata and Sinjo. At Tokyo-Fukushima shoulder it is connected with Yamanokami train.
icon Toki(Joetsu Shinkansen)
One of the 2 types of Joetsu Shinkansen trains, the quicker one, it goes from Tokyo to Shinjuku.
icon MAX Tanigawa (Joetsu Shinkansen)
This is the second of Joetsu Shinkansen trains, the slower one. It makes more stops than Toki train and operates between Tokyo and Etigo Yuzawa.
icon Asama (Nagano Shinkansen)
It is the only type of train for Nagano Shinkansen system, which operates between Tokyo and Nagano.


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Shinkansen roadmap

EThe main line of Shinkansen system-Toukaido LineFTokyo\Shin OsakaA515.4km.
ESanyou lineFShin Osaka\HakataA553.7km.
ETouhoku lineFTokyo\Shin AomoriA674.9km.
EJouetsu LineFOmiya\NiigataA269.5km.
ENagano lineiHokuryokujFTakasaki\NaganoA117.4km.
EKyushu lineiKagoshima south linejFShin Hachidai\KagoshimaA126.8km.
                                                   Hakata -Kagoshima 256.8km.
EAkita lineFMorioka\AkitaA127.3km.
EYamagata lineFFukushima\ShinjouA148.6km.

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